Its very important to have a bike in Rostock to get to your lectures or around the city in general! Here are some useful tips where to buy or rent a bike:

Some (international) students might sell their bike when they finish university or fly back home to their country so take a look at these facebook groups where mainly students offer their bikes for little money:

Take a look as well at the so called  "Schwarzes Brett" (bulletin board) on StudIP where you also can find student jobs or other offers. After you log in with your student ID and password click on Schwarzes Brett on the top of the site. There are other bulletin boards around the city as well (at student cafeterias, faculties, Studentenwerk Pinnwand etc.) were you might find an offer.

If you still weren't lucky to find a bike, take a look at several bike markets around Rostock (see also the map). We highly recommend the Bike Market Gebrauchtradbörse from Bike Market in Schutow. Every 1st saturday in the month you can buy used bikes cheaper there. Some used bikes you can also find at ebay Kleinanzeigen

If you want to repair your bike, buy a new one or even just rent one take a look at our map with bike markets in Rostock: