Hey guys!
We hope you are getting some rest after this great but exhausting weekend on island Rügen.

Since it‘s getting colder what better way to keep warm than by having an international dinner together!

To make this happen we ask all of you guys to prepare some typical national food and/or drinks from your country. You don‘t need to bring large amounts, as long as many of you participate we will have a broad buffet. And if you don’t have any time at all, you can even buy something for the dinner. Please don‘t forget to sign in beforehand, so that we know which countries take part.
After we have tried all those delicious dishes, we will choose a winning nation, which will get a small surprise.

And everyone who‘s not suffering from a food coma afterwards can join us and continue the night at ST-Club!

We count on you (and your jummy fooooooood),
See you!

PS: We have free drinks, so don‘t be late.

Where: Parkstraße 6, 2nd floor room 210
When: Friday, 10.November, 6:30pm

10/11/2017 - 18:30
  • Everyone is invited.