Do you like Modern Dance Theatre?
Then LEI is happy to invite you to the production “HAVE A LOOK IV – BACK TO THE ROOTS“ at Volkstheater Rostock!

Date: 9th of November
Costs: 5€
Sign up: on 25.10.17 at Global Cafe (Parkstraße 6, Room 219; 8:30pm)
Meeting point: in front of Volkstheater Rostock (Doberaner Str. 135) at 7:30 p.m.

7 dancers of the theatre created 7 choreographs which work as the frame for the production under the theme “Back to the roots”. Every dancer understands something different under the term “roots” and used a different choreographic access: whether rhythm of the home(land), gesture or walking moves of the ethnic group or the influence of the family. Some transformed the taste of fish-sauce into an abstract move or associated the sound of bamboo rods with the presence of the mother. Others travelled back to their childhood or show expressions of political protest.
Important: There will be some German phrases but there is a variety of translations into other languages around the topic “roots” such as English, Italian, Chinese, Russian and more. But since dance is universal you won`t need any German language knowledge. It is quite expressive and in many parts very funny! 

09/11/2017 - 19:30
5 €
  • Everyone is invited.