Dear donors and interested parties

We at LEI Rostock (Lokale ERASMUS Initiative Rostock e.V.) recently launched an appeal for donations. The donations are for Kateryna, a 23-year-old Ukrainian student at our university, who died unexpectedly due to Corona almost two months ago. 

Today we are happy to announce that we have raised 6,000 € and reached our goal. With this, the bills for Kateryna's repatriation and funeral, among other things, can be paid in full. 

On behalf of the LEI Rostock we would like to thank all donors for their help as well as the Ev.-Luth. Innenstadtgemeinde for their cooperation.

Ann-Marie Engelke, Jack Christen, Laura Kraußer 

(Board of the Lokale ERASMUS Initiative Rostock e.V.) 

and Martin Semjank